Tax Reporting and Compliance

Meet tax reporting requirements and stand up to even the harshest
IRS scrutiny with comprehensive and defensible business valuations.

Minimize IRS challenges with completely independent and trusted business valuation reports. Because the Tax Court generally accepts the best valuation and does not split the difference, taxpayers must give careful consideration to selecting a valuation firm.

Our clients rely on us to provide a valuation analysis and report that survives potential rigorous scrutiny from auditors, tax authorities and others.

Vantage Point Advisors has comprehensive understanding of the standards governing accounting and reporting of grants/issuances of:

  • stock options
  • warrants
  • restricted stock units
  • stock appreciation rights
  • other forms of equity based compensation

Our team provides a cost-effective and thorough analysis supporting the fair value of such equity instruments. Both public and private companies are required to comply with complex regulations, including accurate and supportable value indications for their various classes of equity. Our valuation reports are detailed and backed up with the data and analysis necessary to support the value conclusions.

Tax Reporting and Compliance Services

  • IRC 409A – Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Gift and Estate Tax
  • Family Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Company, or Undivided Interests in Real Estate
  • “C” Corporation to “S” Corporation Conversion
  • Valuation of Stock Transfers in Closely-held Businesses
  • Restricted Stock Valuations
  • Spin-out of Intellectual Property into a New Entity
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